BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Review

Its name may be a mouthful - the "BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic". It has to be plumbed into the main water supply, and it's dual voltage adaptable. On top of that, it's in the $500 plus price bracket.

Sounds like a true heavy-duty, commercial brewer so far, right? So let's take a close look at the BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic and see if it really satisfies the requirements of a crowded workplace or busy reception area. Especially when it comes to what we're all interested in - ease of use and exceptionally good tasting coffee.

Note: The BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic has been discontinued. Availability is limited. You may still be able to purchase it, but new BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatics are now rare. Used DV-3s are available, which is why this review has been left in place.

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BUNN 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Review

Table of Contents
What You GetThe Secret Weapon
Further ControlsFeatures & Specs
AccessoriesPros and Cons
Consumer RatingsSummary

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What You Get For Your Money

What you're really buying with a coffee brewer like this is reliability and ease of use. You also want the peace of mind that comes from knowing the users of the brewer will have few complaints.

The BUNN 38700.0009 is not restricted to K-Cups or any similar capsules, unlike, for instance, the Keurig K3000SE. But, like the K3000SE, it is a true commercial brewer, plumbed into the main water supply.

It operates differently, though, having a water tank of 200 oz. (5.9 liters) capacity. This is because it decants the coffee into regular 64 oz. decanters or BUNN 1GPR one gallon coffee servers. Brewing at up to 7.5 gallons per hour it's not surprising that there are three decanter warmers built into it.

For which you need, of course, three decanters, so it's a pity that you have to purchase them separately. But on the other hand the price of them is less than $37, so it's not a deal-breaker. You can have one for decaf, and two different regular brews in the other two.

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The Secret Weapon

BUNN's secret weapon with this commercial coffee brewer is in the electronics. First, the 38700.0009 can handle varying water pressures, and even water hardness, automatically. That's like guaranteeing a full flavor. This consistency theme is continued with their LCD display and the touchpad. These give you control over the brew level and the tank temperature. If there's a fault the LCD displays a diagnostic error code.

Naturally, you have pre-infusion for maximum flavor extraction. That's fully programmable. You can program the warmers to shut off automatically after a set period so your coffee doesn't overheat. And the tank temperature is allowed to fall when the brewer is not in use. Again, you have full control via the programming, and it's all good for your energy bill.

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bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic review
Three warmers - should be enough for any office

Further Controls

If you want to make soups or other hot beverages then there's a separate hot water faucet. And although the 38700.0009 makes just one pot at a time, and stops when each pot is brewed, you only have to press the Brew button again for the next pot.

When you're finished at the end of the day you just turn it off via the on/off switch at the back of the machine.

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Features and Specifications of the BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic:

Product Dimensions: Width: 8 1/2", Depth: 17 3/4", Height: 19"
Item Weight: 32 pounds
Shipping Weight: 38 pounds
Department: Small Appliances
Manufacturer: EMG East, Inc.
Assembled Country: USA (some components are imported)
Item model number: 38700.0009

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BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic review
Ah... the carafes. That's more like it.

Accessories for the BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic

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Pros and Cons of the BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 Automatic


  • Easy to use
  • Every aspect of coffee making can be finely tuned via the LCD display
  • Electronic diagnostics for fault analysis
  • Energy-saver mode and auto warmer shut-off under user control
  • High capacity - brews up to 7.5 gallons of coffer per hour


  • Instruction manual could be more helpful
  • Has to be connected to a separate water outlet
  • Decanters have to be purchased separately

AT the present time there is no video available showing the BUNN 38700.0009 being used. I will post a link as soon as I find one.

Consumer Ratings

There aren't many reviews of the BUNN 38700.0009 on Amazon - just 15 at the time of writing (May 2019). Probably most purchasers are business owners and don't have the time or inclination to write a review. But of those who have reviewed this brewer the consensus is that it delivers great tasting coffee. They've found it easy to use and clean, and the choice of brews is wide ranging. Together they've awarded an average score of well over four stars.

One reviewer found he couldn't get hot water to come out of the spout. This was probably more to do with the way the brewer had been plumbed into the water supply than with the brewer itself. Bear in mind that the BUNN 38700.0009 doesn't come ready to brew. It has to be connected to a separate water supply, and preferably to a separate power line as well.

You may need professional help with this, though YouTube can help in resolving most issues that occur.

In short, owners of this brewer are well satisfied with its performance.

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BUNN 38700.0009 review
BUNN 38700.0009 Diagram


The BUNN 38700.0009 Axiom DV-3 commercial coffee brewer is a reliable workhorse that delivers to its users what they want without any undue fuss. It's not completely "set and forget", as you have to brew one carafe at a time. But with a generously sized tank and a high-volume brew capability, it's almost as hands-free as they come.

It's not tied to K-Cups or anything similar, so you have a wide choice of brews. Most importantly, it's extremely easy to use, and gives a high level of control to the user. It may not win any prizes for style or looks, but then who needs that for an office coffee maker?

So if you're looking for a rock-solid, reliable, coffee maker for your busy office or reception area then this brewer deserves careful consideration.

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'Coffee Lover'

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