Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker Review

The Keurig K-Classic Single Serve Programmable Coffee Maker (formerly known as the Keurig K55) is the replacement model for the Keurig K40, K45 and K65 (all of which are still available but we don't know for how long), and is now an "Amazon's Choice in Single Serve Brewers. It's available in black, or rhubarb red, for just under $90. Or you can choose white for just under $100. (All prices correct at the time of writing - May 2019).


What the designers were striving for was simple. A coffeemaker suitable for use in small households and offices or reception areas where use is not excessive. It also had to be versatile, yet convenient and easy to use. And at a price that was affordable for nearly everyone.

That's quite a ticket, so let's see if Keurig have managed to score on all of these points.

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VersatilityConvenience & Ease
Cleaning the K55Running Costs
Features & Specs
AccessoriesPros and Cons
Consumer RatingsSummary

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The Keurig K-Classic - Versatility in Quantity and Quality

The Keurig K-Classic may be a single-brew coffeemaker for those on a budget. But that doesn't mean it has to be a "one size fits all" kind of product - and it isn't.

You can choose from three brew sizes - 6-, 8- and 10-oz - according to the strength of brew you require. All you do is press the appropriate button on the control panel at the top of the machine. And you can select which brew you want from the whole range of K-Cup pods - coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more. It's compatible with all of them, and also with the Keurig Classic Series My K-Cup reusable coffee filter (sold separately). So you can, if you prefer, brew from your own fresh coffee beans.

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Keurig-K-Classic Control Panel
Keurig K-Classic Control Panel - on an incline for ease of viewing

What About Convenience and Ease of Use?

It takes only a few minutes to unpack and set up your Keurig K-Classic, and you'll find a Use and Care Guide with easy instructions included, though you probably won't need these.

There are just five buttons and five bright and distinctive LED lights on the control panel. One light warns you when you need to add water to the reservoir, and another when the machine needs descaling. Then you have the obligatory Power On light and the Auto Off light, and a light to tell you when it's heating the water.

Three of the buttons relate to the size of brew you want. A further button is the Power On button and the remaining one is the Auto-off. This sets the machine to switch itself off if it hasn't been used for two hours.

The control panel itself is set at an angle, sloping downwards so you can view it comfortably without having to lean over the machine.

The reservoir is large, at 48-oz. That's enough water to make around six cups of coffee (or three generous sized mugs) on average. But don't be surprised if the refill light may come on once the level is down to about an inch. It's easy to remove, too, though some users just remove the cover and pour in the water from a bottle.

The drip tray is not only easy to remove for cleaning (see below) but also large enough to contain all but the largest spills. So if you accidentally select a 10-oz drink after placing a 6-oz cup in the tray then you're covered. Well, Keurig are known for their attention to detail!

So high marks for convenience and ease of use.

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Flavor Cross-Over? No Problem!

If you're worried about brewing different drinks in succession because of possible flavor cross-over then don't. This coffeemaker has been tested in many situations where incompatible drinks, such as coffee and apple cider, are brewed in quick succession. There's never been any cross-contamination of the second drink with the first.

Keurig K55
The Keurig K-Classic certainly is hot

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Cleaning the Keurig K-Classic

Cleaning the K-Classic is very easy. The drip tray is easily removed for cleaning (or when you want to insert a really large mug) and is the obvious item that needs a regular clean. Depending on usage, you'll only need to give it a quick wash in mildly soapy water once a week. For the outside, just use a damp paper towel to give the machine a quick wipe.

The head of the unit should be kept clean to avoid problems in pouring drinks. There is a de-scaling facility, again very important, and Keurig have a video available containing excellent instructions on how to use this.

Keurig evidently take great pride in this K-Classic coffeemaker, and their legendary customer support is there if you have problems using it.

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Running Costs

The Keurig K-Classic is an economy coffeemaker but that doesn't mean you can get the results that it's capable of delivering without spending a little cash each month.

Though it can be used with a My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, enabling you to use your own (cheaper) grounds, this machine works best with K-Cup pods. However, these needn't be too expensive, and once you find the flavors that you like best then buying them in bulk at a discount shouldn't be difficult. Check on Amazon for the best prices.

You get two charcoal filters included with your purchase, but bear in mind these have a lifespan of around 2 months or 60 full tanks of water.

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Features and Specifications of the Keurig K-Classic:

  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 13.3 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight 12 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 14.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer Keurig
  • Origin USA


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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • Quick brews (30 sec - 1 minute)
  • Select from 6-, 8- and 10-oz
  • Large water reservoir means fewer refills
  • Auto shut-off facility
  • De-scaling facility to remove calcium deposits


  • Can be noisy when taking water from the reservoir
  • Doesn't always work well with reusable filters
  • Not for heavy use

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Consumer Ratings

At the time of writing the Keurig K-Classic has a staggering 9,380 plus reviews on Amazon and a score that averages almost 4 stars. Over seven in every ten of all reviewers have left a 4- or 5-star score. Overall satisfaction is extremely high.

Most reviewers love how fast it brews (30-60 seconds a brew) and how easy it is to assemble, use and clean. The large water reservoir is popular (but remember that when you're down to the last inch then it's time to re-fill). And if your coffeemaker is intended for really heavy use then a model with an even larger reservoir, such as the Keurig K75 with its 72-oz reservoir, or the Keurig K575 with its even larger 80-oz reservoir, would be better.

Some users have experienced a problem with the water not pouring as it should. This has usually been down to the head of the unit not being cleaned properly. When someone from Keurig has walked them through the process then this problem has disappeared.

Keurig K55
Reviewers like the Keurig K-Classic

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Many users have bought this model on account of the low price, and its ability to brew from fresh ground beans rather than the expensive K-Cup pods, thanks to the reusable filter. Generally speaking, the K-Classic undoubtedly works better when using the K-Cup pods, and this may be the root cause of a few negative reviews.

The Keurig K-Classic is ideal if you're looking for a single-brew coffeemaker that allows you to switch between K-Cup pods and your own freshly ground coffee, and in an environment where different people want different brews without the taste of one migrating into another.

We can confidently recommend this coffeemaker.

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