How To Make Good Coffee Using A Coffee Maker – 5 Tips

how to make good coffee
You can make really good coffee

Everyone who invests in a coffee maker should know how to make good coffee with it. You may think that the machine itself does the work, and all you have to do is to keep it supplied with capsules and water. In some cases, you can get away with this approach and still enjoy your coffee, but most likely you can improve on what you get with your coffee maker by implementing these few tips.

1. How To Make Good Coffee - Follow the Guidance You're Given

Coffee makers now, in many cases, are so advanced that they require special procedures to ensure that they produce coffee drinks of as high a quality as they are capable.

The manufacturers know their products better than anyone else. If their advice, for example, is to implement a cleaning cycle after every twenty brews, then do so. Don't, for example, try to stretch it to every twenty-five. Follow all the manufacturer's advice concerning the cleaning of the coffee maker and its component parts.

2. Use Filtered Water

No matter how good your coffee beans or grinds are, the water can spoil the great taste. Many coffee makers have water filters, but if yours doesn't then filter it before you pour it into the reservoir. Many coffee connoisseurs do this even if their coffee maker has a filter.

This will also help prolong the life of your coffee maker. Unfiltered water, besides containing numerous impurities that you're better off not ingesting, often contains calcium and other chemicals that can, over time, damage all the components of your machine that it comes into contact with.

3. Use High Quality Coffee and Filters

Using cheap coffee and filters is a false economy. Your brews will not only taste inferior, but your coffee maker will suffer as well. Choose a brand name paper filter if you prefer your coffee smooth with the minimum of residue, or a gold filter if you don't like taking the filter out each time.

4. Look For Solutions To Any Problem

If there's anything wrong with the coffee your machine is producing then look for a possible cause and solution before you pack it up for return to the seller.

Check that all the settings on your coffee maker are correct. If the coffee is not hot enough, try warming the milk beforehand. Is your cup too cold, and causing the brew to cool too much? Try warming that before using it (which is what all the top coffee houses do).

Are you emptying the drip tray and cleaning it frequently enough? What about the spout of the carafe? All these things need cleaning regularly if you're to learn how to make good coffee.

5. Help Your Coffee Maker

If you look after your coffee maker then it will most likely last longer and be more reliable. Try and avoid leaving unused water in it for lengthy periods, and never reuse water that has been heated up previously.

Remember that it's just a machine, and one that is powered by electricity and has to deal intimately with water and coffee grinds or capsules. It's not going to last forever, but you can ensure it still has a long, productive life by learning how to make good coffee with it.

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