Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker Review

The Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker is a comparatively recent addition to the Hamilton Beach range. It's an update of the 49980A model, which is still very popular, but it is restricted. Why? It isn't compatible with K-Cup packs.

That little omission is now fixed. With this model, you have complete freedom to brew either a single cup at one time or up to 12 cups in the carafe. You can choose regular or bold strength. And you use either a K-Cup Pack, a coffee pod (for the carafe only) or ground coffee.

Hamilton Beach 49983
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The Hamilton Beach 49983 - Now Fully Versatile and Compatible With K-Cup Packs

If there was one drawback to the Hamilton Beach 49980A it was the lack of compatibility with K-Cup Packs. This is the issue that has now been resolved with the introduction of this model.

It's a very simple process. You have a tray for making individual coffee servings, and this has two inserts. One is for coffee grounds or pods and the other for K-Cup coffee packs.

The timer and the auto shut-off let you program ahead. So you can have your morning brew ready as soon as you awake. And there's no risk of wasting energy if you forget to switch it off.

Cleaning is very easy. Just use a damp cloth to wipe the heating pad on the carafe side. And use a paper towel to clean the filter area. The lid stays open at almost any angle, which is a great help. On the single-serve side, you can take the metal tray out for rinsing under the tap. That metal tray can be turned upside down to fill a short cup, or removed to fill a travel mug.

Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983

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Hamilton Beach 49983

The Same Stylish Good Looks as the 49980A

The 49983 and its predecessor, the 49980A, look very similar. This newer model has a more stylish digital readout and control panel, but they essentially do the same job.

There's one major difference. The carafe and the mug placement holder are opposite ways round. And there is just the one filler lid for both carafe and mug instead of one for each. So if you often have guests pop in for coffee after you've prepared your coffee for the next morning, beware. The 49980A may be better for you (as long as you don't mind doing without K-Cups).

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach 49983


  • Flexibility - single brew or up to 12 cups;
  • Choose from coffee grounds or K-cups;
  • Regular or bold strength; easy to clean;
  • Fully programmable.


Some have reported a smell of plastic, though this seems to be in a small minority of cases. Also, you need some space above the unit in order to operate it properly.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Versatile brewing with FlexBrew technology: single cup or a full pot
  • Compatible with K-Cup Packs
  • Carafe: 12 cup
  • Brew strength: regular or bold
  • Programmable timer with 2-hour automatic shutoff
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Brews up to 14 oz in travel mug or adjusts to fit a shorter cup
  • Brew coffee your way using a K-Cup Pack or ground coffee
  • Bell ring on completion of brew
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Dimensions: 10.2"L x 10.6"W x 13.9"H
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 10 pounds
  • Model# 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983

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Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983

Consumer Ratings

The Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker scores over 3.4 stars out of five in over 1,690 reviews, at the time of writing (April 2019). Around 55 per-cent of those reviews give 4 or 5 stars. Overall satisfaction with this product is high.

It's very popular with users who switch regularly between multi-brews and single brews, and who drink a lot of coffee but can't afford a K-Cup with every brew.

Users who have posted negative reviews seem mostly to have trouble with the single serve side. In fairness, it appears from what many of them say that they have difficulty in following the instructions.

The great majority of reviewers are delighted with this highly adaptable coffee maker.

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Most users of the 49983 model like how it is a "two in one" coffee maker, with its choice of a carafe or single cup of coffee. The Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker is so far getting equal praise for its versatility and the sheer good taste of the coffee it produces. You can purchase this product in full confidence that it will deliver on all its promises.

'Coffee Lover'

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Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983
Hamilton Beach 49983

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