Frieling French Press Coffee Maker Review

The Frieling French Press coffee maker comes in five sizes and two finishes. You have sizes of 8-oz, 17-oz, 23-oz, 36-oz and 44-oz, and finishes of brushed or polished.

They are all basically the same machine and for that reason this review doesn't contain much further reference to the sizes and finishes available.

Taken together, they won the 2017 Housewares Design Award. French presses overall have an excellent reputation. Sounds good so far. Let's take a close look at these particular French Presses and see what we find.

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Design and Build QualityGood Coffee?
Taking The PlungeCleaning
Features & Specs
AccessoriesPros and Cons
Consumer RatingsSummary

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Design and Build Quality

The Frieling French Press is simple in design and has a sturdy build quality. When you handle it for the first time it just feels unbreakable. Nothing can even scratch it - not even a fall from the kitchen counter top. It's hard to believe it's made in China.

Everything is solid, if a little heavy. The lid and plunger - items that are often flimsy on cheaper presses - feel tough and durable. They won't be breaking in a hurry. And the handle is large enough for any hand, and stable, yet elegant as well.

What about when it's in work mode? The plunger is quite unique, and I cover that separately below. The other main function of any French Press is to keep the coffee at the optimum brewing temperature. That's 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. And to keep it there until at least the end of the steeping process.

The Frieling French Press, made entirely of stainless steel, does that with the aid of a double wall. The coffee stays hot for much longer than if it were in a glass press. Four times as long, according to Frieling. But, as I explain below, it's best in practice to pour out the entire contents after no more than 3-5 minutes.

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Good Coffee?

The Frieling French Press produces fresh, delicious coffee as long as you observe a few guidelines. But you don't have to be an expert on how to use a coffee maker to use this French Press successfully. As with any coffee brewer, you get the best results if you can grind your beans immediately before brewing.

There's a danger that second and later servings will be too strong, as the grounds are left in the coffee. To avoid this, decant all the coffee into cups or a pre-heated carafe after 3-5 minutes, according to your preference.

All French Presses produce less sediment in the bottom of your cup if you use a coarse grind. Frieling claim that their "dual filtration system" catches all the grounds, but this may be a trifle optimistic. Some invariably get through from a fine grind, but the superior taste of the coffee makes you forget all that.

Cold brews in hot weather are delicious, and the Frieling USA French Press handles them very easily. Just pour in cold water, rather than hot, keep it refrigerated for 24 hours, and then press the plunger. Talking of the plunger...

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Frieling French Press - inserting the grinds
Frieling French Press - inserting the grinds
Adding the hot water

Taking The Plunge

The plunger - the key working component of a French Press - has a unique "dual filtration system". It consists of a pre-filter and a second screen to ensure that no sediment gets into your cup. They are kept in place with a spring loaded ring.

It's a very simple design, but very effective. Some users have experienced a scratching sound when pressing down. That's not a fault - just a result of the tight fitting of the filter assembly, and completely harmless.

The plunger on the Frieling French Press is probably the most robust and efficient of any.

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Cleaning The Frieling French Press

The Frieling is probably the easiest coffee maker of any type to clean. There aren't any complex mechanisms into which coffee grinds can find their way. Being made of stainless steel, most parts can simply be rinsed under the tap, or placed in the dish washer.

Everything is easily disassembled and reassembled. The plunger parts rinse easily and the whole lot can be dried off with a paper towel. And that's about it, as far as the cleaning is concerned.

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Features and Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.2 x 10 inches (for 36-oz size - other sizes vary)
Item Weight: 2.8 pounds (36-oz size)
Shipping Weight: 2.9 pounds (36-oz size)
Manufacturer: Frieling
Origin: China
Item model number: 0144 (36-oz size)

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Pros and Cons of the Frieling French Press


  • Solid, sturdy build, virtually unbreakable
  • Sleek design
  • Wide choice of sizes and finishes to suit needs and taste
  • "Dual filtration system" filters out all coffee grounds


  • No markings on inside of carafe to help judge volume of water
  • Can make a slight scratching sound when plunger is lowered

Watch this useful YouTube Video of the Frieling French Press being put through its paces -

Consumer Ratings for the Frieling USA French Press

At the time of writing the Frieling French Press has been reviewed over 1,650 times on Amazon. It has an average score of around 4.5 - amazing, considering the number of reviewers. Over four in five reviewers have left a score of the full five stars.

Reviews are full of references to its solid build quality, stylish good looks, and value for money. Many reviewers have owned and used their Frieling daily for years. Also appreciated are its ease of use and cleaning.

It's difficult to find anything much that's negative. One or two reviewers have noted that the coffee acquires a bitter taste after a while in the French Press. But bear in mind, as mentioned above, that the machine is not meant to be used as a thermos flask.

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Frieling French Press
Inserting Plunger
Frieling French Press
Pressing the plunge


The Frieling French Press is one of the most solidly built and reliable coffee makers available. It can handle fine grinds, though as a French Press it is happier with coarse.

Its unique filtering system gives you delicious coffee, according to the quality and grind of the beans. The double insulation of the carafe ensures the temperature stays at the optimum of around 200 degrees for long enough.

And with a range of sizes to choose from and polished or brushed finish, there's one for you. We highly recommend this award winning French Press.

Frieling French Press

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