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The most complex thing about the BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer (or BUNN VP17 for short) is its name. But despite the simplicity of its operation this is, in the words of one reviewer on Amazon, "a quality product made of commercial grade materials". Another reviewer on Amazon writes, "My set up is worth every penny spent".

The enthusiasm of most reviewers on Amazon for this product is loud and clear. Can everyone really be that happy with it? Let's take a closer look at this highly-rated coffee brewer.

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The BUNN VP17. That's right - no carafe! But still very popular.

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Is It Suitable For You?Solidly Built?
No More Cold CoffeeCleaning
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Is The BUNN VP17 Coffee Maker Suitable For Your Requirements?

If you require coffee regularly throughout the day, fresh and hot, then the answer is undoubtedly yes. BUNN have made this brewer for heavy use. It's ideal for small hotels and boarding houses, small to medium sized offices, cafes - anywhere people congregate throughout the day and need refreshment. What about a busy restaurant? Yes, there too, even if as a "back-up".

Just plug it in anywhere there's a power supply, pour water in the top, and the coffee starts brewing immediately. The heating element can be left to turn itself on and off as required to keep the water hot. This is why the brew takes only about three minutes. It can handle up to 3.8 gallons an hour, which it decants into standard 64-oz decanters.

As for domestic use, many users are householders and use it at home. However, if you're looking at just one or two people then you'd be wiser to stay with a single-brew machine.

"Pourover" may mean that you only have to pour in as much water as it takes to make the amount of coffee you want. But all the same, it's difficult to make just one cup with the BUNN VP17. To do it justice you really need to work it hard, churning out carafe after carafe. And it will do this all day long, month in and month out, very happily.

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Is It Really That Solidly Built?

The BUNN VP17 is made almost entirely from stainless steel. Like all BUNN coffee brewers, it is assembled in Canada. Surprisingly, the funnel mechanism is plastic, which seems a little penny-pinching on the part of BUNN. Probably it's to keep the price down, but you can easily replace it with a stainless steel component. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here. You'll want the BUNN 64-oz stainless steel decanter as well (check this as well on Amazon).

The design is modular, so if one component fails then it can easily be replaced. Parts and spares are readily available. This makes a refreshing change from the "throw-it-away-when-it's-bust" thinking behind so many cheap coffee makers.

It is heavier and taller than most other coffee makers. Check the dimensions below to ensure it will fit on your kitchen worktop.

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The BUNN VP17 with carafe this time (but sold separately)

No More Cold Coffee

When you're brewing up to 3.8-gallons an hour then even with a swift take-up rate you have a problem. Keeping your brewed coffee hot until it's ready for "distribution" and consumption. The BUNN VP17's Warmer, or hot plate, takes care of that. And you have control too - you can turn it off if, for example, you're using a thermal carafe to keep your coffee warm.

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Cleaning It All Up

This product is nearly all stainless steel, so cleaning isn't really a problem. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth is normally all that's required for the outside. Internally, you should wipe the underside of the funnel regularly. Steam from the sprayer head often condenses there. You have to remove the sprayer head and clean the metal tube and spring.

A couple of tips here. Always put the pot in place before starting a brew, and don't use this machine just to get hot water. If you don't obey then you'll probably have a mess to clean up.

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Features and Specifications of the BUNN VP17:

  • Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 8 x 17.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 24 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 26.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Bunn
  • Assembled: Canada
  • Item model number: 13300.0001

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BUNN-13300_0001 VP17 1SS
No excuses for not knowing the measurements!


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Pros and Cons


  • Fast brewing - 3 minutes
  • Solid construction means failures are rare
  • Warmer/hot plate keeps coffee hot after brewing


  • Can be noisy when heating water
  • Heavier and taller than most other coffee makers
  • Decanter is not included

I haven't found a suitable video review of the BUNN VP17 yet. As soon as I do I'll place a link to it here.

Consumer Ratings for the BUNN VP17

This coffee brewer has earned a very high score of nearly 4.5 from over 200 reviewers on Amazon (as at May 2019). Generally, users love the solid build and the great coffee they can make with it. And, of course, the one to three-year warranty on parts.

So many of them have had to replace their cheap, plastic coffee makers nearly every year for many years and they're glad that the hassle and expense of that are over. They like that they can brew four cups of Starbucks for no more than what they used to pay for one K-cup.

A few users don't like the noise the BUNN VP17 sometimes makes when in brewing mode, but it appears this can usually be rectified by de-liming the machine. The plastic funnel assembly and the lack of a decanter are other complaints, but these can be remedied with only a little extra expense.

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The BUNN VP17 is more expensive than most coffee makers, but that expense is justified. You'll save in the long term because this product will stay the course.

It's a commercial machine intended for heavy duty service. If you can provide the volume of coffee-making work that it demands then you'll be well satisfied with your purchase. We recommend this coffee brewer.

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