BUNN-O-MATIC Coffee Maker CSB1 Review

This BUNN-O-MATIC Coffee Maker (CSB1 Speed Brew) review relates to the replacement model for the very successful BUNN GRB Velocity Brew. Our review of that product can be found by clicking here.

BUNN boast that their BUNN-O-MATIC brews superb tasting coffee in less than half the time of other top-selling home coffee makers. Not only that, but that their drip-free carafe delivers the cleanest pour on the market.

How do these claims measure up? Read the rest of the review below to find out:

bunn-o-maticBUNN-O-MATIC Coffee Maker


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Speed and TasteNot For Occasional Use
Not "Plug & Play"Features & Specs
AccessoriesPros and Cons
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Speed and Taste

Everything that the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew had, the BUNN-O-MATIC has, and that includes speed and taste. How often do you find that a good coffee maker that brews quickly lacks something in the taste department? Or that a coffee maker that produces superb tasting coffee takes rather a long time to brew?

Combining speed and taste is the Holy Grail of coffee makers, and this coffee maker does just that. It brews anything from 20-oz for a travel mug to 50-oz for a full carafe in only four minutes. BUNN call 50-oz a 10-cup size, which may be stretching things a little if you like anything more than a 5-oz mug, but their taste and speed claims are hard to rebut.

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The BUNN-O-MATIC Is Not For Occasional Use

There's one very important point about the BUNN-O-MATIC that anyone considering it for their next coffee maker should ponder. This product is heavy duty. It's made to produce several pots of coffee each day. It needs to be left on for long periods at a time. This is so the water in the stainless steel tank can be kept hot and ready for use at a moment's notice, and the coffee in the carafe can be kept warm on the warming plate.

If you use it for making the occasional cup then, like many high-tech instruments that are under-used, this BUNN coffee maker is not very happy. You'd be better off with a single-cup coffee maker such as the BUNN MCU Single Cup coffee brewer. In addition, if it's switched on and off throughout the day then its performance will suffer.

Check out these useful tips on how to use a coffee maker.

The BUNN-O-MATIC is ideal for small to medium sized family groups that love coffee, or for small offices where the demand for coffee is maintained throughout the day.

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BUNN's unique non-drip spout

Not a "Plug and Play"

You do need to take some trouble when you first set up the BUNN-O-MATIC in your kitchen. Reading the user manual and carrying out the preliminaries really will save time and trouble in the years ahead.

For example, you need to fill the water tank before you plug in to the mains. If you read the reviews on Amazon you'll be even better prepared. You can read how some users use only filtered water so as to keep the interior of their BUNN-O-MATIC clean as well as to make their coffee taste even better.

Others acknowledge its ability to produce superb tasting coffee, but don't like how it has to be allowed to heat up before it can brew their coffee. This time lapse is because of the job it does in heating large amounts of water and is down to the laws of physics, rather than a defect with the product.

Those who obey the rule book and take a little extra trouble in learning how to use it will have both great tasting coffee and a machine that will give years of good service.

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Features and Specifications of the BUNN-O-MATIC:

Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.8 x 14 inches
Item Weight: 8.5 pounds
Shipping Weight: 11.05 pounds
Carafe Capacity: up to 50-oz
Brewing Time: 4 minutes
Hot Water Tank: Commercial grade stainless steel
Warranty: 3 years
Manufacturer: BUNN

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The BUNN-O-MATIC is not plug-and-play


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Pros and Cons of the BUNN-O-MATIC


  • Brews 50-oz carafe in 4 minutes
  • Hot coffee on demand
  • Drip-free carafe pouring spout, so no mess
  • Maximum flavor extraction via unique spray head
  • Sturdy build and pleasing design to suit any kitchen


  • No auto shutoff, so be careful to switch off when leaving for an extended time
  • The warming plate indicator light is hard to see in bright light
  • The glass container can be difficult to clean
  • You need Bunn's special coffee filters and to use filtered water for best results

At the present time (May 2019) there is no decent YouTube Video of the BUNN-O-MATIC being tested. As soon as I find such a video I will post a link here.

Consumer Ratings

In the reviews there is some criticism of the warming plate indicator light. This shows as a faint blue that some find difficult to see in daylight or when artificial lighting is on. That aside, there is a high level of satisfaction with this coffee maker. The main reasons are the superb tasting coffee it produces, its slim design, and the speed at which it brews.

The BUNN-O-MATIC scores well over 4 out of 5 stars from around 100 customer reviews on Amazon.com at the time of writing (May 2019). Over three quarters of reviewers award either four or five stars.

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As long as your rate of coffee consumption is high, whether as a family or as an office group, then the BUNN-O-MATIC is an ideal coffee maker for you. If you're prepared to take a little trouble to follow the instructions and use filtered water then you should find it to be a most satisfactory purchase. We can highly recommend the BUNN-O-MATIC as a great coffee maker.

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