BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer Review

bunn bx-d velocity brew

Since we posted our original review of the BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer on ChooseACoffeeMaker.com it has been discontinued. Our original review was not a full one simply because it was essentially the same model as the BUNN GRB. And the BUNN BXB/BXW as well, come to that. Click here for our review of the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew coffee brewer. The final letter of these models - B or W - indicates whether the color of the body is black or white. For anybody interested, we run out our original review below:

Where the BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew coffee brewer differs is that it has been designed specifically for use in high altitudes. That is, above 4,000 feet. There are users who live in low altitudes who say it performs with no problems. So it seems that you don't have to live in the mountains to get a good brew from this product.

All three of these BUNN products earn a high average rating from users on Amazon. Sites like this aren't allowed under Amazon's terms and conditions to quote the exact figures, but you can easily check them for yourself at the links we give you.

BUNN prides itself on its brewers brewing 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 ounces) in about 3 minutes, and that's what all three models do.

bunn bx-d velocity brew


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